Perceptive Content Install/Fix

Users experiencing issues with Perceptive Content either require a fresh install or an INI file swap.

A fresh install with also solve the INI file issue.


Installing Perceptive Content:

1. Open SCCM

2. Navigate to "Assets and Compliance -> Device Collections ->Application Deployment -> Perceptive Content"

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3. Right-click "Perceptive Content PSADT - Req Ign MaintWin"

4. Select "Properties"

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5. Select "Membership Rules"

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6. Select "Add Rule -> Direct Rule"

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7. Select "Next"

8. Enter device name into "Value" field

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9. Select "Next"

10. Select device from "Resources" list

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11. Select "Next"

12. Select "Next"

13. Select "Close"

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14. Select "Apply"

15. Select "OK"

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To synchronize devices with SCCM server:

16. Right-click "Perceptive Content PSADT - Req Ign MaintWin"

17. Select "Right Click Tools -> Client Actions -> Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle"

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To verify correct INI file:

1. Navigate to \\<Device_Name>\c$\Program Files (x86)\ImageNow

2. Navigate to \\<Device_Name>\c$\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow

3. Edit "imagenow.ini"

4. If ";NEW INI FILE" comment appears at the top, file is up-to-date.

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INI file swap:

1. Open File Explorer

2. Navigate to \\nic\itroot\Downloads\Perceptive_Content\NewFullClient7.7.0.351

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3. Copy "imagenow.ini"

4. Navigate to \\<Device_Name>\c$\Program Files (x86)\ImageNow

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5. Paste the file from step 3, replacing the old INI file.

6. Navigate to \\<Device_Name>\c$\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow

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7. Paste the file from step 3, replacing the old INI file.

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